Sports Stud: Rob Gronkowski


For today’s hottie I decided to highlight NFL hottie, Rob Gronkowski . He was recently featured on the ESPN news show E:60, where he shared pieces of his personality and characteristic. The 24-year-old is a tight end for the New England Patriots and is a towering 6’6″ and 265 lbs. Better known as “Gronk”, he signed a six-year, $54 million contract extension which included an $8 million signing bonus. Not too shabby!

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Denver Broncos: Superbowl Fail

denverbroncosAnyone see the super bowl game this past sunday? Everyone was stunned around the final score where Seattle Seahawks tackled the Denver Broncos at MetLife stadium. With our dismal home teams out, we divert our attention to more pressing matters — the assorted hotties of the Super Bowl. Flipping a coin won’t matter, because we did not choose sides — instead, we were cheering for the finest players on the field. Continue reading

SeaHawks: Superbowl Favored

seattle_seahawks The Seattle Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl due to their amazing plays during the championship this past month. But let’s get shallow for a second: This is an especially attractive football team. It’s no wonder— they’re super-fit guys with cool careers! What’s not to love?

From Russell Wilson to Golden Tate, we’d totally go beast mode on these good-lookin’ football pros. Click through this gallery of Seahotties to see what we mean. Continue reading

Julian Gabriel: The Golden Boy



One of the sexiest new faces to the world of commercial modeling and fitness. Julian Gabriel is a Miami based print model and fitness expert and is available to clients nationally. To get a sense of his level of popularity, all you have to do is put his name into GOOGLE! The blogs go nuts for him. Check out why he made me go crazy!

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James Ellington: Finish Line


Making a hot run at the field is one hunk that you sure want to get your hands on. Today i’m featuring British Sprinter James Ellington. He’s a 27-year-old hot shot who recently sprinted his way on the 100 and 200 metre races at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Check out his smoking physique, delicious color and oh-so-hot tattoos! This guy is packing with so much sex appeal. Continue reading