Power: Adam Huss


There is a new Starz original series titled Power, creating a buzz for itself. One of the first characters that caught my eye was Josh Kantos, played by Adam Huss. He is also from one of my favorite films Is It Just Me?  There is not much written about him but i know that will not be for very long.  He is physically hot and great too look.  Take a look at see what he has to offer. Continue reading

Sexy Newcomer: Dominic Adams


If you’re not watching Devious Maids, then why not? There are plenty of reasons to give it a try in the form of smokin’ hot British actor Dominic Adams. The half British and half Persian actor has captivated the eyes of millions across the globe playing Tony Bishara, a cunning and attractive security guard with unsettling ties to the Mossad. Being the center of attention is nothing new to Adams. Continue reading

Star Devil: Adam Senn


One of my favorite shows Hit The Floor on VH1 is back on this summer, and with the start of a new season it brings a new hottie to watch! Adam Senn plays Zero a new star basketball player hired to help the L.A. Devils win a championship. This model turned actor is really one to watch out for. Check him out!

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Mr. Comic: Jason Collings


I was recently at the Improv, and as this guy made his way to the stage I immediately took notice.  Jason Collings was tall, handsome, and most importantly he had white boy swag. Opening for some of the greats turned him into a headliner and respectively, he is now headlining the country on his own bringing his observational and highly conversational trademark comedy to the masses. Proving to be a powerhouse in the field of entertainment, Collings owned the late night stage on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and has showcased his comedic prowess on BET’s Comic View and on VH-1. Check him out! Continue reading

Wyatt Nash: Incestous


While watching the sequel to Lifetime’s hit adaptation of Flowers in the Attic called Petals in the Wind, our eye was caught watching the hottie that played Chris. Hopefully a role that will require him to take off his shirt all the time. A little bit of Googling told us that the actor in question was Wyatt Nash aka Matt Elrod from Survivor: Redemption Island.

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