Denver Broncos: Superbowl Fail

denverbroncosAnyone see the super bowl game this past sunday? Everyone was stunned around the final score where Seattle Seahawks tackled the Denver Broncos at MetLife stadium. With our dismal home teams out, we divert our attention to more pressing matters — the assorted hotties of the Super Bowl. Flipping a coin won’t matter, because we did not choose sides — instead, we were cheering for the finest players on the field. Continue reading

SeaHawks: Superbowl Favored

seattle_seahawks The Seattle Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl due to their amazing plays during the championship this past month. But let’s get shallow for a second: This is an especially attractive football team. It’s no wonder— they’re super-fit guys with cool careers! What’s not to love?

From Russell Wilson to Golden Tate, we’d totally go beast mode on these good-lookin’ football pros. Click through this gallery of Seahotties to see what we mean. Continue reading

Football Players: Touch Down


Whether you’re a diehard fan of the sport or just love to watch a bunch of sexy men tackle each other, either way you end up cheering your favorite player in tights.  I’ve rounded up some of the sexiest men from the San Francisco 49ers. Sorry for your loss last sunday, there is always next year! Check out the hotties and tell us who’s your favorite:

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Man Crush Of the Year: 2013 Revealed


2013 is swiftly coming to and end and we have finally crowned our Crush of the Year!  This year’s Man Crush of the Year was selected based on who had the biggest year. Please come back daily to check out the hot studs of 2014 and tell a friend about our website!

Robin Thicke is our Man Crush of the Year! Although this sexy singer has been around for years, he became a household name with the biggest single of the year, “Blurred Lines,” which was accompanied by a controversy-courting video. And after Miley Cyrus rubbed her foam finger all over him at the MTV VMAs in late August, the rest was history!  Congratulations, Mr. Thicke! Take a look below at why he is crush worthy! Continue reading

Diego Cristo: Model Citizen


Brazilian actor and model Diego Cristo is definitely sexy for sure. I admit that I know nothing about this hot dude. So I scoured the internet and I found that he made his debut in 2004 in the Telenovela, Latin America and that was how he started his career. Later he became more popular and also took another job in modeling business. Here are various images of him. Check them out! Continue reading

Cottrell Guidry: Lucky One


Today’s crush I found when I was browsing my favorite gossip site TheYBF.COM and had to feature him.  Cottrell Guidry is a Hollywood-based model and actor.  He is a half black, half white hottie, from Long Beach, CA. He is currently engaged to Kat Graham of the CW series Vampire Diaires. Check out more of him after the jump! Continue reading

Oliver Jackson-Cohen: Piercing


Oliver Jackson-Cohen is an English model and actor. His piercing slate-blue eyes and boyish yet stunning good looks are definitely swoon worthy, not to mention his hair that begs to be grabbed and pulled. With a tan that reaches perfection, he is another great choice for a celebrity mancrush.

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Michael B. Jordan: Wired


Michael B. Jordan, star of the drama film Fruitvale Station, is so hot that we’re actually doing double-takes on purpose just to look at him a little more. Jordan is also going to star in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot as Johnny Storm — so not only is he hot and talented, but now we get to see him as a sexy superhero? Damn, we say. Damn. Continue reading