YouTube Star: Bill Reilich


Bill Reilich, a 23-year-old assistant basketball coach at Indiana University South Bend, has been making music with his friends since they were kids. He and his 3 hunky friends formed a band names, Cream Pies. These hotties delivered a rap video love letter to the one and only Ellen DeGeneres. Take a look after the jump. Continue reading

Looking: Russell Tovey



Have you ever had that super sexy boss that you’ve imagined having an office romance with?  In Looking, the new HBO series about gay men searching for love in San Francisco, he’s Kevin Matheson, the boss and potential romantic interest of the video-game designer Patrick. Russell Tovey is one of Britain’s few openly gay actors, has made a career playing loveable heterosexual blokes. He’s never played gay before. Because his sexuality still comes up when being cast in straight roles, he’s been waiting for something substantial “that really moves things forward”, and now he has found two. Continue reading

Turnt Up: Kenny Wormald


There is nothing hotter than a man who can dance. And I’m not talking about grinding at the club, I’m talking about a master of choreography and a variety of different genres. If you haven’t seen Kenny Wormald‘s moves yet, do yourself a favor and watch him burn-up the dance floor and melt your heart in Footloose. Continue reading

Blacklisted: Ryan Eggold


First on our list — as it should be on yours — is getting to know the hottest guy on the NBC show Blacklist, Ryan Eggold.  A native of Southern California, he has been a TV fixture since 2006 when he landed the plum role of teacher Ryan Matthews on the remake of 90210.  Eggold one again is cast as a hot teacher, a type-casting I am sure his fans won’t mind.  Continue reading

Papi Chulo: Jon Huertas


You have to watch those quiet ones. If most of what you know about Jon Huertas is his work on ABC’Castle as one of the hard-working and often pretty funny detectives on Kate Beckett’s (Stana Katic’s) team–and one of Rick Castle’s (Nathan Fillion’s) greatest fans–then you have no idea just how talented this guy is. Huertas is currently portraying Detective Javier Esposito on Castle. He’s an actor, a musician, a producer, and a Tweet monster. And still, we’re just scratching the surface. Quite a guy. Quite a talent. And if all you’ve seen is him on Castle, you haven’t even started to see Jon Huertas. Continue reading

Lucky Dog: Brandon McMillan


Brandon McMillan is a professional animal trainer and behaviorist who has spent his entire life learning about and working with all types of animals—from household pets to the wildest of untamed beasts. McMillan hosts a show called “Lucky Dog” for CBS, where he is frequently hired by Hollywood’s top A-list celebrities to transform their out of control pooches into well mannered dogs.

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Sports Stud: Rob Gronkowski


For today’s hottie I decided to highlight NFL hottie, Rob Gronkowski . He was recently featured on the ESPN news show E:60, where he shared pieces of his personality and characteristic. The 24-year-old is a tight end for the New England Patriots and is a towering 6’6″ and 265 lbs. Better known as “Gronk”, he signed a six-year, $54 million contract extension which included an $8 million signing bonus. Not too shabby!

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