PYT: Dominic Briones

One of the guilty pleasures of this summers hit reality shows. Meet Dominic Briones, one of last season’s houseguests from Big Brother 13. Dominic is a cute 25 year old model from San Mateo, Ca.  Briones boyish good looks earned him the nickname P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).  He’s 25, Filipino-Italian and still a virgin who is waiting for marriage, but also still lives at home. Continue reading

Man Crush of the Year: Wild Card Round

Round 3 voting is closed and we have another tie! Adam Coussins, and Nick Youngquest. Now onto phase four. Check out these Wild Cards below and don’t forget to cast your votes! Voting ends Wednesday Dec 28th when the Final vote begins. See who made the list below.

Brian Kehoe

Known for: Model/Reality Star Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency
Original Post:  Nov 20, 2011
Why Choose Him:  He is a bad ass and a model. Plus he gives it as good as Janice dishes it.

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Jeremy Renner

Known for: Actor/The Hurt Locker
Original Post:  Aug 4, 2011
Why Choose Him:  Who did not see him in the movie “The Town”.  A kick ass thief a bonafide bad boy.

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Pauly D

Known for: Musician/Reality star- Jersey Shore
Original Post:  Nov 25, 2011
Why Choose Him:  He has a nice body. His trademark hair stands out on its own.

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Rick Malambri

Known for: Actor/Model/Dancer
Original Post:  Sept 29, 2011
Why Choose Him:  A guy with sexy moves and has major sex appeal, who wouldn’t choose him.

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Steve Ward

Known for: Dating Expert /Vh1’s Tough Love
Original Post:  Oct 12, 2011
Why Choose Him:  His distinct Jersey accent. He knows exactly what a man wants. Enough said.

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Mark Sanchez

Known for: Quarterback
Original Post:  Aug 17, 2011
Why Choose Him:  He has the cutest dimples. I just want to run my hands through his curly locks.

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Brady Quinn

Known for: Quarterback
Original Post:  Aug 24, 2011
Why Choose Him:  His boyish charm. Plus his abs are great to look at.

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Psyched: Ken Luckey

Ken Luckey has had recurring roles on 90210 and Greek, and starring roles on HouseCold Case andValentine.  Ken’s first feature lead came in 2007 with the independent film Marsten Manor, and most recently the romantic comedy Love at First Hiccup. His piercing eyes, makes you want to spend an infinite amount of days and nights staring into them. Continue reading

Slacker: Scott Michael Foster

This hottie is best known for his role of “Cappie” on the ABC Family series Greek. Scott Michael Foster plays guitar and is the lead singer of his indie rock band “Siren’s Eye”. With his iced blue-eyes, Foster has taken on the role of  Gary on NBC’s Parenthood. Take a look below to see why he made the list. Continue reading

Englishman: Luke Malby

Luke Mably is the kind of guy that makes you go crazy, for an English man (at least for me). Mably’s generous shirtless appearance in The Prince & Me helped put him on my radar. Unfortunately after Prince and Me, he rarely made an appearance on memorable movies, except “28 Days Later” and “Colour Me Kubrick” which are not really that mainstream. Continue reading

Hunky Vampire: Taylor Kinney

Vampire Diaries hunk Taylor Kinney, is a hard drinking bad boy, with a criminal record to prove it. Before appearing in television and films, Kinney began his career in the theatre where his credits include “Fallout” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Kinney got his big break as a series regular on the American series “Fashion House” alongside Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild. He has also had guest-starring roles on “Bones” and “What About Brian.” Continue reading

Man Crush of the Year Round 3

Well round two voting is closed and we have a winner! Alex O’Laughlin.  . Onto phase three. Check out the studs below and don’t forget to cast your votes! Voting ends Friday Dec 24th when Round 4 begins. See who made the list below. Continue reading

Gleeful: Chord Overstreet

Just when you thought Chord Overstreet couldn’t get any hotter, he goes ahead and poses for a sexy new photo shoot with VMAN magazine. The Glee hunk is photographed showing off his trademark pouty lips while rolling around on a green floor in form-fitting clothing. Do you think Quinn would be jealous? Continue reading