7 thoughts on “What’s the T’ Gerr?: Noah’s Arc Cast

  1. Dear Patrik, what seems to be the problem. Why can’t logo get it together. We the fans of Noah’s Arc have been wating for the return of the show. You are a very talented writer,producer and creator. You put together a cast of very talented actors. Please bring something back. We wane eo see all the original cast in a series or a movie. I don’t care if the actors are gay or straight, i enjoyed watching the series and the movie. My favorite charactor is Wade. I had a friend tell me that if he wasn’t gay, that he should recieve an oscar for his sex scenes with NOAH. I told my friend ,give him credit, he is a dam good actor. If he’s straight and played the role gay, like he did. I say Mr. Jensen Atwood needs no acting lessons. My dream is to one day meet the cast of Noah’s Arc. My Grandson is station out in San Diego. He is in the Navy. My next visit to see him, I will try to make it to Los Angelas. And i hope to see some of the cast from Noah’s Arc. Love you all! Good Luck! LOL DRUCILLA

  2. Noahs arc is a good show and they need to being it back with the entire cast they fit so perfect together it also need to be on dish net work try and pitch the show to someone else its a great show abd I ovee it

  3. This was so important to the gay community at large in in particular black gay community and the community in general. I hope that it will be back on soon!!

  4. i love this show can yall please bring it back start from when noah and wade got merry what happen with everybody is him wade live happy every afther i need my show whats the t

  5. Noah’s Arc was insightful and very pleasant. I wish it was still on television. It brought a lot of issues regarding same sex relationships out in the open. The only missing was lesbians. A show about gays and lesbians together as friends and family bringing out the issues and daily problems in todays society would have been great. They should really consider making a show about it. It would be hilarious and informational.

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