CatFish’d: Max Joseph



Max Joseph, is a cameraman and director. He became the much-adored silver-haired sidekick of Nev Schulman‘s MTV’s Catfish.  The two met as teenagers and after the success of Nev’s feature film Catfish documenting his own experience dating a catfish, the two paired up for the MTV show exploring similar relationships. Continue reading

Rush: Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis 04-09-12 103701No spoilers here! Rush is a brand-new series, but there’s something really charming about a character that is fundamentally flawed and does some pretty despicable things, but yet you still kind of love him. Dr. Rush, a renegade doc hooked on pills and forced to work out of his Mercedes after losing his privileges at a local ER.  Tom Ellis plays the handsome Dr. Rush Continue reading

The Haves: Tyler Lepley


If you haven’t been watching Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have Nots on OWN then you’ve been missing out on some serious eye candy. Tyler Lepley who plays Benny, the unluckiest, bad-luck prone character on the show. His character has spent the duration of this season in a coma following being run down by another character and he spent last season locked up for a crime he didn’t commit.  The man is extremely hot and his shirtless scenes are reason enough to watch the show and will have you in melting instantly. Continue reading